Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the the air-con leaking water?

  • Normal air-conditioning system will have water condensate in the indoor unit (Fan-Coil) & flow out through a drainage pipe. If the drainage pipe is chocked, water will start to leak.
  • When the unit freezes up, water will start to leak too. Call a qualified technician to rectify the problem.

    Why is the air-con operating more than 1 hr but still the room is not cold?


    There are a few factors need to clarify

  • Air filter or condenser clogged.
  • Indoor & outdoor coil choked.
  • Blower clogged & dirty.
  • Refrigerant leak in the system.
  • Faulty compressor (no compression)

    Why does the indoor unit freeze up?

  • Due to lack of refrigerant.
  • Faulty capacitor or fan motor.
  • It may simply need to carry out chemical overhauling, due to indoor coil choked.

    Why is the air-con noisy?

  • Vibration from the indoor or outdoor motor due to dirty.
  • Mounting or component from the system loose.
  • Faulty expansion value from the indoor unit.
    Why does the air-con need chemical overhauling?  

    When the air-conditioner, condenser & evaporator get badly chocked, (internal & external) normal servicing can't improve the condition. Chemical overhaul need to be applied. The unit needs to be dismantled & strip part by part. Apply the coil with chemical & wash out with water.